MAP Scores

Understanding Your MAP Score

Finally, the score report predicts how the student might perform on state testing (CA - Smarter Balanced Assessment) in the spring (Exceeds, Meets, Nearly Meets, or Does Not Meet standard). 

Questions about Lexile/Reading Level?

Your student's Lexile is measured when they take the ELA MAP test in the fall and the spring.

Lexile is essentially a student’s “reading level,” and is based primarily on their vocabulary skills. We typically don’t require students to read within a certain Lexile band in middle and high school, but knowing their Lexile can be helpful in choosing books that are appropriately challenging for your student. 

7th graders reading at "grade level" in the fall of 7th grade should be reading at a Lexile of 1060-1375. By the spring, we expect them to have increased their Lexile to 1095-1410L. You can use the Lexile Find a Book tool to see the Lexile of a particular book or to search for a list of books in a particular Lexile range (you can also narrow that list by fiction/nonfiction, topic, etc). 

Please note that Lexile does not take into account the content of a book, just its reading level. Some students who have a Lexile well above grade level might not regularly be reading at that Lexile, as the content of those books is too advanced or mature for their age.