Independent Reading


What can I read?

  • Short answer: Pretty much whatever you want.

  • Long answer: Books that are at your reading level, of your choosing, that you read on your own. You can read any mix of fiction or nonfiction. You can read books by the same author all year, or only read biographies of US Presidents. You goal is to be consistently reading throughout the school year.

  • Magazines, newspapers, reference texts, blogs, textbooks, online fan fiction, etc are all great reading options, but do not count for independent reading and should not be read during in-class SSR.

  • Similarly, we will not be logging books like Big Nate, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Dog Man, Captain Underpants, etc. If you need book suggestions, I am happy to help!

Can I read graphic novels?

  • Sure, graphic novels are awesome! But if you are only reading graphic novels, I might have to impose stricter reading guidelines. When you log a graphic novel on your reading log, it counts as half the total number of pages in the book (ex: if your graphic novel is 150 pages long, you will log it as 75 pages).

Can I read on a Kindle or other e-reader?

  • Yep. You can find the total number of pages for your reading log by looking up your book on GoodReads or Amazon.

Can I listen to an audiobook?

  • As long as you are also reading along in the physical book, yes.

How will Independent Reading be graded?

  • You will set a reading goal, based on your personal reading data, at the beginning of each quarter, and you will receive a grade on your progress toward meeting that goal.

  • You will also be graded on one book project each quarter.

  • I will also periodically ask you to journal about your book, talk about your book with classmates, or complete activities about the plot, characters, or other elements of your book.

How much/when should I read?

  • I do not assign daily homework. I expect you to work hard and complete your work during class time. In return, I ask that you commit to doing your independent reading and completing your book talks and reviews at home.

  • I will give you 10 minutes of SSR at the beginning of class 2-3x a week. I also ask that you read for at least 20 minutes every school night (5x a week). You might also choose to read during Plus period, depending on what your Plus teacher has planned.

  • The required at-home reading and in-class reading comes to about of 120 minutes of reading per week (2 hours).

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