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Outsiders Webquest

This activity is designed to give you a feel for the context of the novel - where and when it takes place and what was going on in the world at that time. Remember, the characters' actions and motivations may not make sense to us if we don't understand the world they are living in. While The Outsiders IS realistic fiction, the world that Ponyboy lives in is very different from the world we live in now.

To begin:
  1. Create a new document in Google Docs (just one for your group)
  2. Name it using the following pattern:
    • Period#_LastName1_LastName2_OutsidersWebquest
    • Example: 3_Ellis_Doran_OutsidersWebquest
  3. Share it with your partner
  4. Place it in your shared English folder
  5. Complete the tasks below

Part 1 - Who is S.E. Hinton?
Answer the following questions using complete sentences. Use these websites to help.

1. When was The Outsiders published? How old was S.E. Hinton when the book was published?
2. What inspired Hinton to write The Outsiders?
3. Why do you think she chose to publish The Outsiders as S.E. Hinton instead of using her full name?

Part 2 - The 1960s
Answer the following questions using complete sentences. Use these websites to help.

1. What war was taking place during this time period? 
2. What new technology was being developed?
3. What was happening with crime and crime rates during this time period?

Find the following pictures and insert them into your document:

4. a madras shirt 
5. a 50's/60's male pompadour 
6. a 1960's Corvette
7. a 1960's Corvair
8. a "young" Paul Newman

Be sure to include a URL citation for each picture that you find! 

HINT: to make this super easy, just click "Tools" in your GDocs toolbar, select "Research," and search for your pictures right from your doc! Simply, drag the pictures into your assignment. The citation will AUTOMATICALLY be included in a footnote on your document! It's Google magic!

Part 3 - Gang Life
The young people in this novel join social gangs. Visit this website to see some reasons why kids might join gangs. From what you know and have read so far, which of these reasons seems most likely for the Greasers? Why?