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Juror #4


You are the juror that is presented with the evidence that Johnny was in the gang called The Greasers. Using the websites below, research street gangs in order to determine whether or not Johnny’s involvement with the gang played a part in the murder.

1. First, define the following words in your spiral notebook:

  • gang
  • felony
  • graffiti
  • initiation
  • consequences
  • violence

2. Then, visit the following websites and take notes on what you learn. Use the websites below to learn about the history of gangs in the United States, the reasons why people join gangs, characteristics of gangs, as well as some different gangs present in the United States. Consider how are the gangs found today similar to The Greasers and how they are different. 


3. Finally share below whether or not you think Johnny should be convicted of murder based on what you have researched.