I am pleased offer one-on-one or small group (up to 4 students) summer writing instruction in your home at competitive prices. My writing program focuses on mastering the skill of argument writing and will cover:
  • utilizing effective brainstorming methods,
  • planning and organizing an essay,
  • writing a 3-part thesis statement, 
  • selecting relevant and meaningful supporting examples, and
  • writing original, thought-provoking, and layered analysis.
These are writing skills that every student needs in order to be successful in high school English. They are also writing skills that, with very few exceptions, transfer seamlessly to writing in all other academic classes. My goal is to not only help students successfully master the skill of essay writing, but to also help students gain confidence in their ability to write.

Depending on the length of the tutoring package, your student will write several short pieces in response to high-interest, engaging prompts as well as a longer essay about a novel of his or her choice. Students will receive teacher feedback on every assignment, will be evaluated for strengths and weaknesses, and taught strategies for improvement.

Tutoring Packages and Pricing
Due to summer travel and work this summer, I am able to schedule 1-hour tutoring sessions Monday through Friday during the weeks of June 10, June 17, July 1, and July 8 on a first-come, first-served basis. You may select from the following packages:
  • 3-session package - $225 for 1 student 
  • 6-session package - $420 for 1 student ($5 savings per session)
  • 9-session package - $585 for 1 student ($10 savings per session)
                        *I offer a "sibling discount" for families who would like tutoring for multiple children.